Be Creative

“90% of painting is redoing your first pass.” This means that once you’ve covered your entire canvas, you’re project is only 10% complete. As an art major, this has become our anthem. Equally liberating and maddening, the truth of this quote becomes so evident. The number of hours and days spent in the studio working over a painting will take you on an emotional roller coaster. With every art project I’ve been given, no matter the task, the process remains the same. You start with confusion, searching for creative sparks in your brain to inspire your work, hoping something will set your soul on fire. Finding this inspiration feels much like the giddiness of Christmas morning, filled with wonder of possibilities and potential of this new creation.   Then comes the work. In this process there are often times when you question why you ever thought you enjoyed art in the first place. There are moments of encouragement, finding new colors or exciting ways to express your story, but there are also great moments of frustration, scrapping back paint or entirely coving your canvas again in hopes to bring it back to life. But through all this is where the … Continue reading Be Creative