Remembering How to Paint

All the feels. Art has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I would beg for runs to Hobby Lobby or any nearby craft store and would ask for “art stuff” every holiday. When I grew up to be an angst-y┬áteenager I still had my love for art, but when it was time to choose my major I dismissed the idea. Art has now become much more than just my major, but has manifested itself in every area of my life. From opening my mind to making me a harder worker, finding how to bring art into my everyday life has added so many more colors in the color pallet of my life. Two weeks ago when I went to Matt and Meredith Boyd’s home, I glanced to their back porch and saw a blank canvas. I knew a beautiful and therapeutic evening was ahead. I love a blank canvas for all the artistic and cliche reasons. New possibilities. A fresh start. Anything is possible. All those cheesy but true feelings. I also just really love fresh clean paint. When I was trying to think of what to paint, I … Continue reading Remembering How to Paint