December 15, 2017

I am still happy crying and replaying this whole night over and over again. When I woke up on December 15, 2017 I had absolutely no idea what the day held. I thought I was headed to an appearance at Crystal Bridges, the place were Nate and I had one of our very first dates, and believed that Nate was in Kansas City for the weekend. It wasn’t until I got in an elevator and saw Nate in the lobby of the museum did I start to cry my face off. When I first saw Nate, he told me that he wanted to take a walk. So we walked for a little while along the trails until we got to the bridge, where he pulled out a letter that he read aloud before he got on one knee to propose. During which I was crying, giggling, and jumping the entire time. It was perfect. *lipstick on teeth and I couldn’t care less* My favorite human. Evidence of the giggling and jumping. The BIGGEST thank you to Courtney Halligan for capturing this moment so perfectly. She caught every laugh and every smile. (Click her name to check out more of her talented work.) … Continue reading December 15, 2017