Hellloooo everyone and Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am really excited about today’s post, for I am showing y’all the masterminds behind all the floral at my Wedding! The first time I met with the Tanarah Luxe Floral family, what I loved most them was their attention to making sure they could describe MY dream wedding better than I could. They asked so many detailed questions that were personalized, compassionate, and experienced. There made it known that their first priority was making me happy and y’all I love them SO MUCH. They were kind, sweet, wanted to know all about Nate and I’s story, had unbelievable attention to detail, came prepared, had tons of ideas of their own that I had never thought of before, and with every decision were making sure that I was happy and it was what I wanted. YALL, I can not sing their praises enough! Naturally, I could not wait to visit them again in at their store in Little Rock! And I’m so excited to give you all a little tour of their amazing place! And so it begins! Something really cool about Tanarah’s store is that it is FILLED with the most beautiful and … Continue reading FLOWERS FOREVER