Is celery juice the new black? _____ I saw one of my friends post the above comment and I lost it! While yes, it does feel like everyone is hoping on this bandwagon and that celery juice may just be the new trend – BUT, three weeks of doing it and I can not imagine my life without it. I first heard about the celery juice phenomena from KarBear, who saw it from one of her favorite health IG accounts @medicalmedium. This account shares lots of health tips and facts, along with helpful information about what celery juice does. This picture below was the one that got me really interested: After seeing this I thought, “what do I have to loose”, and the celery juicing began. The first day I tried it, the taste high key freaked me out/ low key felt like I was drinking bitter water. So the next few days I added ¬†half and apple so I could get used to the taste, and after three days waved off the apple and went plane Jane celery juice. Week Three of celery juice and wow, wow, wow. Here are my side effects: Energy levels through the roof! I … Continue reading CELERY JUICE