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Painting Kitchen Cabinets





  • Paint: We used the color “Blackish” from Clare Paint (also where we got the rest of the supplies) 
  • Roller (2 sizes and 2 different ones for Primer and for Paint) (the MVP was the Mini Roller that really helped with the cabinet fronts, wish I would’ve gotten another one of those!)
  • Painting Brushes (one larger one and one tiny for touch ups and sides)
  • Painting Sheets (to lay down the fronts of the cabinets)
  • Painters Tape
  • Good Playlist: the one we listened to linked here! 



  • Prep the Room (lay out where you’ll be putting the fronts of the cabinets and clean the area)
  • Remove all fronts (keep the screws in organized labeled bags to make putting them back together much easier)
  • Clean the cabinet fronts and the kitchen really well
  • Sand
  • Prime (and then wait for Prime to dry before you…)
  • Paint ! (The most exciting part really. I wish we had paint cans to prop up all of the cabinet fronts, but the order we painted the cabinets when as follows: Prime Front (dry), Prime Back (dry), Paint front (dry), Paint back (dry). We also went in with a second coat!)
  • Wait a night. Our paint dried really quickly, another reason why I loved Clare paint – no smell and dried so fast. But we waited the night for the paint to really dry before moving them back to the kitchen
  • Screw Cabinets back on 
  • Touch Ups! One follower gave me the tip to hold a little extra paint and a small brush on the side of the next week for each day you would see a new spot missing and they were so right! 

TikTok transitions here

WOOT WOOT! I am so proud of you.


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