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Juice Cleanse

A few weeks ago Nate brought up the idea of a juice cleanse, I had heard of them before but never gave them serious thought. Mostly because I thought I did not have the disciple to go three days with only juice. We did some more research, looked further into it, and decide we should give it a go. (When I say we decided to go on the cleanse I should specify that my husband was so hype about it and I wanted to join along and prove I could to it to, but was mostly terrified.)

So in this blog I am going to write down all the recipes of the juices we made and the times we drank them, as well as extra tips and things I wish I would have done!  Lets get started. Prayers 2K18.

Day One 

  1. Carrots, apples, lemons, celery, grapes 
    1. 7:45
  2. Kale, more kale, celery, lemon, Apple 
    1. 10:30
  3. Carrots, grapefruit, lemon, cucumber (2)
    1. 12:00
    2. 2:30
      1. One avocado at 3:00
  4. Beets, celery, lemon, apple (2)  
    1. 5:30
    2. 7:30

Day Two 

  1. Carrots, grapefruit, lemon, Apple
    1. 7:30
  2. Kale, celery, cucumber, whole lemon w fine, Apple 
    1. 10:00
    2. 12:00
  3. Beets, carrots, grapefruit, lemon, apples 
    1. 2:30
  4. ^ again because it was so good 
    1. 4:40
  5. ^ again because IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.
    1. 6:30

Day Three

  1. We’ll call this the sunrise drink: carrots, grapefruit, celery, apple, lemon
    1. 8:00
  2. Kale, celery, cucumber, lemon w/ rhine, grapes
    1. 11:00
  3. Avocado and some turkey slices
  4. And a healthy dinner (roasted carrots and tomatoes) to slowly get my body read for food again!! *more on this below


  • Prepped before!! Wow oh wow do I wish I would have done this. In more of my reading I realized that people highly recommended going on a completely plant based diet (with food) for a few days before you go into the juice cleanse. Depending on your current eating habits, doing a plate based diet for either two days before, or even a whole week before to prevent getting really sick during your cleanse. Thankfully I only experienced headaches during my cleanse, a factor from the clean break from sugar during those few days, but at times people get very ill – so its extremely important to listen to your body and prep accordingly.
  • Branched out on the recipes. I loved the ones I made, but on day three I was really excited to be done with it all.



  • drank more water.
  • got lots of sleep.
  • peeped and got all the vegetables and fruit before hand, and get LOTS! My total for the tree days of juicing was 30$!
  • Eased myself back into food, slowly retraining my body to actual food.


  • Yes? But I’ll wait a while before I do it. I love that I can say that I have done this before, my mind feels clearer, my sleep was better, and I feel healthier for sure. However, I do love food food.



Check out this youtube video of my expierence:

Wahooo! Yay for #SavvyChoices and trying new things!

So much love,








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