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27 Things I’ve Learned In 27 Years

27 things ive learned in 27 years

1. Don’t be scared of being assertive or aggressive.
2. “Treat yourself like a plant: water & sunshine.”
3. You are so much stronger than you think.
4. The type of person you want to be? Be that person now. You want to to be a person who wakes up early? Do it. You want be a person who is slow to speak. Say you are. You want to find joy in the small things? Seek them out. Life doesn’t change overnight, but with small hyper intentional decisions.
5. Talk to yourself.
6. Talk to your friends. We all expect too much and fall short of each other’s expectations. Focus on what you can control and show up for your people the way you want them to show up for you.
7. Embrace guilty pleasures. Watch that show you love. Read the young adult book. Listen to trendy music. Watch a Christmas movie in July. Bake a cake on a Tuesday.
8. Happiness isn’t something that happens to you, it is something you decide.
9. Sadness can be disguised as a friend. A friend in loneliness and comfort in numbness. Sadness was a friend to me for so long I feared life would be more lonely than I could handle if I said goodbye to her. Remind yourself that you can let sadness go.
10. Validate your feelings, but don’t let them be the compass of your life. They are real and they are validated, but that doesn’t mean they are true.
11. What/who you surround yourself with will be who you become. In your real life and on the internet. Follow accounts that inspire you. Talk to people you leave you feeling curious about the world. Consume content that makes you a better you.
12. Everyone is just as insecure.
13. No one knows what they’re doing.
14. Love your body the way it works, not the way it looks. ( #savvychoices )
15. Specific dates, songs, words, people, will bring up past trauma and those feelings may resurface in your brain, but this doesn’t mean you haven’t overcome it.
16. Wait for your eyelash glue to dry.
17. You are not a bad person because “you’ve changed”, you’re supposed to change. Praise the lord I’ve changed. Continue to seek change. There is no reason you have to be the same person you were 5 years ago, 5 months ago, or 5 minutes ago.
18. Our emotions manifest themselves physically in our bodies. Go to a boxing class.
19. Your people can’t read your mind, share what is going on and let them in. Your true people will help you carry the load.
20. Its never as scary as it seems.
21. Listen to other peoples stories. We weren’t suppose to go through life alone. There is so much more world that goes on far beyond our pockets of it. Learn different perspectives. Be quick to say you were wrong. Research, deconstruct.
22. It is more fun to mumble your name at Starbucks.
23. Give yourself grace (this one I don’t know how to do yet, but if I figure it out, I’ll let you know.)
24. Invest in yourself, with you time, energy and choices.
25. Breathe.
26. Stand up for yourself. You’re allowed to.
27. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. The parts of myself I used to hate have grown to be the parts of me that I’m most proud of. No one else has to spend as much time with you as you. No one else has to deal with me as much as me. Why not take care of myself? Why not hold myself? Why not love myself? You got this.


Much Love,


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