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Helllllloooo and happy week beautiful humans!!

Today I am answering one of my most asked questions as of late, how did my hair go from falling out to healthy?

After my year as Miss America ended, I finally took my hair extensions out and started taking serious care of my scalp and hair health. At the time I had tape in extensions for about three years, and I loved it! I had never been able to rock a party pony or flip my hair and I l.o.v.e.d. having extensions in my hair. However, after three years of these extensions and one year of putting heat on my hair everyday (also dealing with a lot of stress), my hair was really sad. It was constantly falling out, was the thinest it had ever been, and my scalp was unbelievably dry (it was scaled, red, itchy, and hurting at all times), and it was then when I decided I had to start taking better care of my hair.

This past September I went to Crown Beauty Bar and they helped finally take out all of my extensions, and truthfully it was very emotional. I realized that my hair had become some what of a security blanket for my confidence, and have my real short hair wasn’t enough. But, I wanted to stop that way of thinking, start taking care of myself mentally and physically. So with their help I decided to own my short hair, rock it, and see what happened if I really put in the effort to take care of my hair. (If you are on your own hair journey and need some love, encouragement, or a brand new do, head on over to Crown Beauty Bar. )

Here are the steps I took to make my hair healthy again:

  • Switched to scalp centered shampoos and conditioners and rotated them. I found that using multiples allowed my scalp to not get used to a product and therefore allowed the full effects to really take place. Some of my favorites are:
  • I have done coconut oil massages on my hair and scalp for a long time, which I love. But I started doing castor oil hair masks. These masks bring shine, thickness and moisture back to my scalp and my hair. *Once every two to three weeks.
    • HOW TO: Put the Castor Oil at the base of your scalp and massage in for about 10 minutes and let sit on your scalp for the night. (Pro Tip: warp towel around your head so the oil doesn’t get on your pillows) In the morning, shampoo about 3 times to fully get all the oil out.
  • I totally changed my food and vitamins. I started juicing- HUGE FOR MY HEALTH. I found my skin cleared fully, my scalp was no longer dry and hurting, and hair started growing back so much fuller and faster!! Here are some of my favorite supplements:
    • Collagen in my coffee every morning. Just a scoop in my coffee doesn’t alter the flavor! I use this collagen, and I mix it in with this coffee brother that also makes it feel like I am drinking a latte here. It’s also a fantastic gift idea too!
    • Bioton Supplement – Nature’s Bounty – great supplement pill for hair growth
  • I switched up my hair care products. And to be honest, this was my first time to ever really try hair care products. I use to not feel like they wouldn’t actually do anything, but I was HAPPILY PROVED WRONG! Below are the products I now swear by along with what they changed in my hair:
    • Davines Energizing Seasonal Superactive Scalp Treatment – wow wow wow. I can not say enough good things about this products. After I wash my hair I distribute this product onto my scalp and rub it in. You will feel a little tingle sensation, but even in one month I started to see like one inch hairs all over my head! And now after 4 months of using it, my hair looks and feels so much fuller. If you need hair growth or your scalp needs help – get this!!
    • Davines Ol All in One Milk – this leave in product is AMAZING! I use this as a detangling product after I shower and slightly dry my hair with a towel, it smells amazing and has helped the ends of my hair SO MUCH!!!
    •  Mr. Smith Leave In – my other favorite leave in product that I use DAILY! I will use this after I shower, before I do my hair, and recently, I have been putting it on the ends of my hair every night before I go to bed just to help my hair out even more. I’ve seen a big difference in the softness of my hair after using this one.
    • Melu Hair Shields – Heat protectant that speaks for itself. Very lightweight, smells amazing, and has helped my hair before I put any heat on it whatsoever. Before I blow-dry, curl it, anything with heat I use this! I love.

And shablampow! Give yourself some time, give your hair some grace. And remind yourself long locks or short that you are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

So much love,

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  • Reply
    Ashley Sherrod
    January 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Hello 👋🏼. I’m currently wearing tape ins for thickness on the sides of my head. I’d love to be able to thicken my natural hair and take them out. I’ve always had thin hair, and would like to try some of your recommendations! I was thinking about the Davines energizing super active serum, maybe the Nioxin 3D and the heat protectant? I was curious which ones you were able to use together? You said you rotated them-did you use the scalp treatment with the 3 steps of nioxin? Also, did you ever try the davines energizing super active shampoo/conditioner with the serum?? Thanks for your tips! Love your new sassy short hair! (Btw I’m a KKG from UofA also! Just a bit older than you 😊)

    • Reply
      Savvy Shields
      January 28, 2019 at 3:19 pm

      Ashley!! I love those three products you listed! Great idea. I have been able to use any suture of them all together, they all compliment each other- which I love! I have not tried the davines shampoo and conditioner but I am sure its fantastic! AH love that sister!

  • Reply
    Amber Jamil
    September 7, 2020 at 10:26 am

    Healthy hair is a huge blessing nowadays. As we can not take care of our hair like we should, we must get a hair treatment once or twice in a month.

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