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All right decluttering mania starts now! In this blog post I’m sharing with you all the step I took in order to declutter my closet space.

Decluttering is something that my mom always instilled in me, but didn’t really become some that I took ownership of until the last few years. This whole process is something I should do more, but I probably only do this twice a year and I am planning on doing this with all of the rooms in my apartment, our kitchen, office space, and our bedroom as well.

However, this time around it was a necessity. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe in my own space, I would get anxious quickly, and I wanted to make my space somewhere that brought me peace not stress. 

So let’s begin the steps. 

STEP ONE: First and foremost, take absolutely everything out of your closet. Every hanger, Every folded t-shirt, every item of clothing, every drawer, EVERYTHING that’s flown and shoved into a corner out of your closet and into another room. This last decluttering that I did, I took everything in my closet and put all on top of my bed putting making a big pile. This helps me clearly see 1. The blank canvas that is my closet and 2. Lets me go through every single piece of clothing that I have and deliberately/ intentionally go through and ask myself do I need this in my life. 

STEP TWO: Set a good few hours to block out time and try on EVERY SINGLE item of clothing think. When you do this think about these things: 

  1. Have you worn this in the past year (or 6 months)
  2. Are you’re going to wear in the future
  3. Do you REALLY like it if, or are you just holding onto it for memories sake? Now I’m extremely nostalgic human being, and I’ve kept every single letter that’s ever been written to me in my entire life that I’ve put in very special boxes. So, decluttering is a very emotional thing for me (question enneagram fours), but this is so crucial to continue the process of growing and changing and molding and even just to continue being inspired.  

After I try on every item of clothing, we now have two piles: “to keep” and “to donate”. Taking major inspiration from Marie Kondo here (You all HAVE to check out her latest Netflix series), and as I put an item in the “to donate” pile, I’ll say thank you to that item. 

STEP THREE: Figure out how you want to organize your closet before putting the clothes back in. I recommend either drawing it out, or taking a good run into a Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, or place near you that has really fun bins. I chose to go with these bins here and this shoes rack like mine here.  

STEP FOUR:  The final step.  Slowly but surely putting back all the clothes that you’ve decided to keep in an orderly fashion. Maybe for you thats prioritizing them by jackets, long sleeve shirts, short sleeves, and tanks. I like to organize mine by color!  Another pro tip: hang them on the same type of hanger for a consistent and clean look. These are the ones I use: velvet hangers

AND SHABLAMPOW!! You’ve got yourself a clean closet.  

You can shop these pictures here for more organization options and some of my favorite organizing finds over on my LIKEtoKNOW page HERE:)  

AND to finish it off, here are the before and after pictures: 

And here is the quick vid I did give you all the fun tour!! 

As always so much love. 

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