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Bridal Shower

May 12, 2018.

I have to admit, many emotions went through my head days leading up to the day of my bridal shower.  I just couldn’t wrap my brain around thinking this was actually MY shower.  I had been so many other showers before, and it wasn’t until I arrived at the house did it feel real.  My shower was thrown by all of my mom’s lifelong friends (as you will see later) and this hilarious pic below is of us arriving, with Annie (one of my bridesmaids and dearest friends) obviously taking the brunt of the work carrying all my hostess gifts.

AKA Bridezilla.

We got there a little early and had a sweet time of prayer before all the guest arrived. Having all of the women that have loved me my whole life, my grandmothers, and my mom lay hands on me and pray for Nate and I’s marriage was a sweet moment I will never forget.

  Squad.  This is probably one of the first shots of my bridesmaids you all are seeing, and this is not all of them, but a quick introduction is needed.  So quick intro from left to right:  Brooke, Mary Claire, Macy, Kattie, Me, Madison, Maggie, Annie and Libby. AKA THE CUTEST BRIDAL SQUAD OF ALL TIME.

Now, can we just take a minute to talk about the sashes?!?  The Sash Company contacted me about creating some sashes for my bridesmaids and I was so excited and thought it was an amazing idea.  The Sash Company makes the sashes for local, state and Miss America titleholders, and it was so special to have them join me for this big event as well!! Check out their site here 🙂

Feeling all the love before gift opening began!!

  Kattie Hansen killed the game making my bouquet.  Have to tell y’all, the funny thing was she had never seen the shower/bride bouquet tradition before and after a quick pintrist scan, realized she has yet another talent to add to her list.

Great shot of all the gift action below!! Both of my grandmothers were able to come (seen sitting in blue chairs) – my sweet Meme and darling Momo as I call them!

Okay y’all, Little Sister Bake Shop killed the game. This is my friend Caroline who has started her own business creating the most delicious and beautiful dessert creations and I am still not over it! Go check out her unreal insta page here 🙂

Look at how delicate and pretty these rose red velvet cupcakes are *HEART EYES*, how detailed the cakes were, and if only you could taste the cake pops…I definitely had too many. 🙂

For the love of gold foiled cake pops!


^content lol

Here is a group shot of all of the hostesses along with my mom and Nate’s mom, Courtney! A group of some of my favorite humans in the world. These women have loved on me so much and I will never be able to thank them enough.

Hansen.  That’s usually what I call her.  Kattie Hansen as she is known, aka, Matron of Honor, and to me, she’s been there through so much and has been the big sister I never had.

Pictured above is Robyn Ledbetter.  She was my local director when I was Miss Heart of the Ozark’s Outstanding Teen and Miss Heart of the Ozark’s, and I can honestly say I would not have tried for Miss Arkansas if it wasn’t for her. Love her SO!

 Friends since the 6th grade, Madison Watkins has been through so much life with me.  It all began with the “Savvy/Maddie show”, then onto teen pageants together, and now this amazingly talented one is pursuing her career in LA.

Maggie Mae!  Maggie is such an encourager, she wrote me so many notes for Miss Arkansas and Miss America.  I think most of my scrapbook is filled with her pages of verses, encouraging notes, and doodles.

Two more of my favorite humans, Macy and Mary Claire. I’ve known Macy since the 4th grade (the way, way back) and she is one of the wisest humans I know, and I met Mary Claire my freshmen year of college and she is better at long distance friendships than anyone I know. Two of the sweetest humans alive.

Pictured below is sweet Annie Jorgensen.  I met Annie through pageants when she was crowned Miss High School America and I was Miss Collegiate.  We instantly became soul sisters and I am so thankful she was able to come for the weekend.

Dream Team.

Ahhh, Nate’s sister Libby!! She is due in the Fall with her 3rd child, and her most adorable twins, Cooper and Maggie, are our flower girl and ring bearer! *heart melted*

Brooke! Brooke is my workout queen!  She helped me get ready for Miss America and was has also been a mentor of mine since high school. Love her so so much. Added bonus, her husband Findley will marry Nate and I.

KarBear gets a sash. 🙂 Love her so.

Introducing our wedding planner, the amazing Amanda Reed.  Would highly HIGHLY recommend getting a wedding planner for your wedding hands down, and importantly, get Amanda Reed.  Very important to have one you feel comfortable and can be real with, and text at 3 in the morning. 🙂 Check out her insta here!

Special group of people right here.  From left to right, Ashley, Hannah and Nikki (missing Emily Kate)….this is my dance squad.  Ashley and Hannah have been my dance teachers forever.  Started with Hannah in more Jazz routines than I can count and Ashley worked with me for endless hours before Miss America working on my dance and my mind. She’s worked with me on getting that performance mindset right and challenged me in more ways than I can count. Anyone who has ever danced competitively knows that your dance family is your family. Love these humans so much.

Me and my MO.  So, my mom’s side of the family is Swedish, and originally, she was my Mor-Mor (which in Swedish means mother’s, mother.)  and over the years it was shorted to MOMO and now it’s just MO.  This is MO doing her best pageant pose.

Best party favor ever.  For all the love of Ecotools.

The biggest thank you to Ecotools for helping put together the BEST hostess gifts and party favors. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Ecotools products, and I loved getting to share them with the people I love.

Great close up of Kattie Hansen’s handiwork. (My face and the amazing Bridal Shower Bouquet)

Alright now how adorable is this?  The balloons were held down by heels.  Ingenious.

The balloons spell out “Wolfe”, but moments before the shower the “O” popped and there wasn’t a replacement. So the perfect solution was to add some cute hearts instead!

My sweet MeMe looking adorable while helping us take all the gifts and these amazing balloons back with us, so thankful we got to experience all this together.

And that’s a shower wrap.  Overall, felt so much love.  I was amazing to see all the people that have been a part of my life in one room celebrating, giving me a glimpse of what the wedding day will be like.

So much love,

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    Lauren Grace Perry
    May 17, 2018 at 1:17 am

    Where is that dress from!! In love with it and u look beautiful as always??

  • Reply
    Ashley Nolan
    May 17, 2018 at 2:02 am

    Every detail was perfect!

  • Reply
    May 19, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Love all of this. I have my very own bridal shower in 2 weeks and you just inspired me?

  • Reply
    Ashley Van?
    May 30, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    For your wedding, you should play I’ll be there for you, Perfect – Ed Sheeran, and Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

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