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Top 15 Tips What To & What Not To Register For

This past weekend Nate and I went to go register for our wedding – YAASS – and it was so much fun! Before we went into the stores however, we took to Instagram and asked you all if you had any suggestions on what to register for, or what NOT to register for. And DID YOU SHOW OUT! I mean wow, Nate and I kept looking at my phone every other minute for another killer suggestion of something we did not think about. So first and foremost, thank you. You all are the best.

This information just needs to be out in the internet somewhere because this is GOLD.

Furthermore, here are the Top 15 pieces of advice my followers gave and what to and what not to register for.

  1. Hannah (hanhutch54) said her top 4 suggestions where:
    1. NICE vacuum
    2. Clothes steamer
    3. Floor steamer
    4. A set of white dishes to go with everything instead of just patterned dishes!
  2. Holland (hollanclark) said that she wished she registered for more cleaning supplies! My personal fav was how she said that she “wished we didn’t register for o much random stuff like an like cream maker and bread maker.”
  3. Lauren (laurenebenton) seconded Holland comment messaged ” CLEANING. PRODUCTS. We’ve yet to buy them *PRAISE HANDS*)
  4. Jacy (jacy.lippoldt) had such a good piece of advice. She said, “They only tell you to get 12 plates…we got 24 and so glad we did! If you like to entertain you need more than 12! Also a GOOD knife set is important! You will have it forever!”
  5. Ambra (ambrahoitt) suggested a few that I hadn’t thought of!
    1. Outdoor planters
    2. Everyday dishes
    3. Instant pot (which a LOT of you guys suggested)
    4. All new beddings
    5. Towels
    6. Decorative vases
  6. Sarah (sarahmesco): “SHEETS!! We got a million towels but only one set of really nice bedding.”
  7. Brooke (brooke_hurst16) said something I loved: “Popcorn air popper and a really good juicer” YAASS. “Those were our 2 fave appliances of all time!”
  8. Lauri (lauri_d_da) had some suggestions I hadn’t heard before:
    1. Maid service for a year
    2. A cook to come in and cook 3 meals a week
    3. Excursions and massages during the honeymoon!!
  9. Sara (sarayelichmiler) said it best:
  10. Jacqueline (jacqmartinn) gave two great points:
    1. A Christmas Tree
    2. “Oh and less China- more everyday dishes.”
  11. Pratyusha (pratyushapilla) listed off some great ones:
    1. a crock pot
    2. cast iron skillet
    3. a nice vacuum
    4. carpet steamer
    5. serving tray
    6. cake stand
  12. Ellie (ellieraepatton) had a great piece of advice:
  13. Im convinced that Brynn (brynn.puzey) and I need to be besties after her suggestions:
    1. High quality storage bins and baskets
    2. Extra sheets and shams
    3. Blender
    4. Jucier
    5. A movie projector
  14. Joni Kay (jonikaylaster) said, “Register for a Nespresso machine!”
  15. Katie (katiebeth95)  gave THE BEST LIST: 


Moral of the post, HAVE SO MUCH FUN.

So much love,

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    Katelyn Metcalf
    March 22, 2018 at 3:02 am

    Bless you! My wedding is in June, and I’m still trying to add to my registries! This was SO HELPFUL!

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