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So today I am getting to reveal a super exciting part of our wedding, and y’all- it is so delicious!!!

Pure Joy Ice Cream is the cutest ice cream shop located in Siloam Spring, Arkansas, and I first fell in love with their logo, then the people, and then the ice cream!

During the reception of our wedding we are going to have the Pure Joy Cart with three amazing flavors of ice cream. I’ll keep two of them a surprise for now, BUT the third flavor is actually a custom flavor we made especially for the wedding!

Nates favorite flavor of ice cream is mint and mine is coffee, so we combined those to flavors with a little bit of bourbon to create the best ice cream I have ever tasted in my entire life ever. EVER. It was so cool to be apart of this process, getting to see exactly all the ingredients and how the ice cream was made was unbelievable.  This flavor of ice cream is aptly called, “Nate Date.” So lets get started!!!

The store front of the “sweetest” place.

..and the cutest.

All of the actual mint leaves that we washed and used to make the mint part of the ice cream!! It smelt so *minty* fresh – insert heart eyes.

And the Caco beans/chips! (Still trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce it.) 🙂

There was one batch pre made of the liquid coffee/mint ice cream which we used to try tons of different variations of  chocolate chips, caco chips, and coffee beans to add into it!



One of the neatest parts of this process- getting to see the chopped up coffee beans and mint leaves step in hot milk to create the flavored cream that would soon turn into the ice cream!  I MEAN WHAT.

Draining the cream!

Some of the fun ingredients. 🙂

The liquidated form of “Nate Date” cooling down.

My favorite part!! Seeing the final product, frozen and delicious as ever!!!


Can we talk about how adorable these cups are?

Two really happy ice cream eaters…:)

Check out this amazing video done by Dave and a Camera for a more in depth ice cream making experience:

So much love,

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