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OH my heavens I miss it so much already…. Our trip to Scottsdale was filled with sunshine, color, and relaxation. We left early Wednesday morning and arrived at The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician right before breakfast.  From the moment we arrived, knew we were in heaven. Nate and I had not been to the Scottsdale area before, but we had heard such incredible things from many friends that had been there! It definitely lived up to the hype.

One of the beautiful parts of The Phoenician is that it backs right up to Camelback Mountain. Every morning over breakfast we were able to watch the sunrise reach over the mountain as Scottsdale woke up for the day.

The Canyon Suites is the only AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Star hotel in the greater Phoenix area, and it is very evident why as soon as you walk in. From the moment we stepped foot in the resort we were blown away by the recently redone space. From the friendships we made with the staff to every detail in the interiors, we did not want to leave.

This is where Nate and I would have breakfast every morning. Not only was the breakfast buffet the BEST one we have ever had, but you can not beat this beautiful morning view.



When you are brunching at noon and hiking at one.

A day activity Nate and I would take at the Canyon Suites was walk through the “cactus garden” and decide which one was our favorite.

This is the view from The Phoenician Balcony looking out onto the Phoenician pools and all of Scottsdale.

HI ORANGE TREES *insert heart eyes*

Another daily ritual of Scottsdale living, laying out by the pool and ordering fish tacos. AKA: the dream.

This was one of my favorite views of our trip, watching the sunset behind the waterfall and Camelback Mountain was not too shabby.

The Canyon Suites itself has its own private pool beyond the Phoenician (pictured above), perfect for a REALLY relaxing day and a great sunset pic.


Our first night we stayed were fortunate enough to dine at Mowry and Cotton, one of the many restaurants the Phoenician has to offer, and we LOVED it. Mowry and Cotton was fresh, fun, modern, and sooooooo good.


When I asked you all for Scottsdale recommendations, the biggest one was to hike Camelback Mountain. Now Nate and are big hiking people (i.e. “#ThePilgramige), but you all did not prepare me for this!

Our Canyon Suites fam was so kind and dropped us off at the starting point along with some hiking backpacks (thankfully) filled with water and snacks. (If you plan on hiking Camelback, BRING WATER BRING WATER.)

Yes, the last fourth of the hike consisted of  bouldering (climbing on all fours) and asking Nate to carry me back down….. but holy shalaylay that view at the top was so worth it. Here are some of my favorite pics:

This is where I was asking Nate if we could turn back around..oops.


And we made it safely back to our beautiful Scottsdale home:


Wow, wow, wow. I’ve been trying to find the right words to actually describe the feelings of our experience at The Phoenician Spa and the words that come to mind are: timeless, light, gold, peaceful, tranquil, modern, elegant, creative, detailed, and memorable.

I got the Phoenix Rising Scrub & Massage..  And it took me until the next day to fully wake up from how relaxed I was after my treatment. The attention to detail not just in the architecture and the interiors, but to all the ingredients used in the treatments, which was something I had not experienced before. Also, Nate and I both decided that the Spa water was hands down the best water either of us had ever tasted.

Hopefully these pics give you a little tranquility through the screen:

The door. The indoor waterfall. The beautiful artwork. *swoon*

The rooftop pool of the Spa that overlooked Scottsdale as well as Cambelback Mountain (pictured below).

My mood after the massage: questioning if I was actually awake or still dreaming.

Before your treatment, the Spa suggests you go through these body prep steps (hot tub, sauna, cold showers), which in itself fully relaxes you.

Nate and I trying to come out of our intense realxed state and living our best lives.


Just some happy Scottsdale BB’s.

My favorite waterfall and a walk thought the cactus garden equals the perfect night.


As I mentioned earlier, The Canyon Suites has their own private pool area, which allows for a direct view of the mountain, more relaxation, and more fish tacos.

Mood for 2019 continued.

Moral of the post, we did not want to leave and we are counting down the days until we can return back to our home away from home, The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician.

So much love,

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