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Rehearsal Dinner of My Dreams

Wow, wow, wow.. I am still not over this night.

Nate and I always talked about how excited we were for our rehearsal dinner. A night of all our friends and family gathered together at a vineyard, thanking and celebrating each other was more special than I could’ve ever imagined.

Our rehearsal dinner was held at a Sassafrass Springs Vineyard, a beautiful vineyard in the hills of Northwest Arkansas, where we got to walk the grounds, have dinner in their beautiful space, and even end the night in the chapel ruins under the stars. Magical? Heck to the yes. The biggest thank you to Cheryl Long, Sarah Kilpatrick, and Bethany Cameron from Sassafras for creating the dream, wouldn’t of been possible without y’all.

All of these beautiful photos in this post were done by our unbelievable wedding photographers the Hickenlooper, who came in early to spend this special night with us. They captured this dreamy night so perfectly and left no sweet moment or detail unnoticed.

Looking at Sassafrass from this angle you can see the beautiful vineyard behind their space located in between the hills.

Behind the barn was a large deck where we had all of our guests gathered together for a cocktail hour before the dinner.

Rentals provided by Intents Party Rentals.


Thank you to Catering Unlimited for such a spread.

Some #savvychoices if I’ve ever seen them…

Not over it..want to have this every day.

My sweet Maid of Honor and Mom of Honor.

Love my Karebear.

Looking from the deck onto the vineyards, it really felt like we were transported into Tuscany.

The cutest, sweetest, most precious Flower Girl and Ring Bearer/ aka Niece and Nephew.

Every detail so perfectly added to the rustic Tuscan theme, and the Hickenloopers captured every single one of them.

Inside there was a slideshow going on of Nate and I that his sister made. It was special, hilarious, so sweet, and something we will treasure forever.

One sweet detail, on each of the wine bottles that decarated the space, there were personalized labels for Nate and I.

Onto the beauty that was inside. *insert heart eyes everywhere*

*more heart eyes*

These florals were done by Tanarah Luxe Floral and where oh so perfect and beautiful.

Italy or Arkansas? Still not 100% sure..

Another sweet detail from Wine Country Craftsman out of Paso Robles, California.  Love that they incorporated the “W” from our invitations.

Tanarah Luxe Floral!!!!! I mean…

On each dinner plate was a wine glasses stamped with a personal engraving to remember the night at Sassafrass as well as this heart wine stopper,  pictured above.

Catering by Catering Unlimited.

One of my favorite photos. The Hickenloopers continue to blow me away.

Nate’s sweet Dad and Step Mom!

And Nate’s Step Dad and Mom!

They all put on this amazing night, have prayed for us so much, and been the greatest in-laws a girl could ever ask for. I am forever grateful I get to call them family.

Todd and Karebear being cute.


Some of them were a little ridiculous…

Some where really really sweet..

Some were ridiculous and really sweet.

The best sister-in-law to ever be. 🙂

I don’t think I stopped crying the entire night. My love language is words and I was clinging on to every single one. I was overwhelmed with the kindness shown to us by our friends and family, and will never forget one detail of this special night.

After all the toasts and dinner, we walked over to the chapel ruins for desserts and our final goodbyes before the big day.

Was this real life?

Is Sassafrass real life?

Are the Hickenloopers real life?

BRB crying in the club.

Moral of the post, I’m forever thankful.

This night was so perfect, and I can not begin to thank everyone involved enough for their time and their love.

The biggest thank you to the Sassafrass team for letting us be apart of what you all do – it was a night we will always remember.

As always- so much love,

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