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1. Watch every sunrise and sunset that you can.

2. Find a “why” that is not about yourself. If you know “why,” you can endure any “how.”

3. Take time to invest in your mental health: make phone calls to people you love, make tea, work out, eat good food, drink more water, put your phone away. Even just for stamina’s sake.

4. Talk about your heartaches. The greatest conversations and the best friendships I have found start by transparency. Being able to look at your struggles outside of your brain helps to reduce the size of their hold on your heart, and creates deeper fellowship with the people around you.

5.  Seek to learn about to other peoples’ stories, life perspectives, and ideas. There is so much life that goes on that we don’t know about, and having an open mind and an open heart is crucial.

6.  Practicing recognizing gratuities daily helps with anxiety. Its difficult to be grateful and anxious at the same time. (Not impossible, but difficult.)

7.  Journal. Don’t let your instagram be your only life recorder.

8. ‘The Optimist’ by Evie Irie is the perfect pump up/”I love life”song.

9. Pro Tip: when trying to make a decision, count down from 5 quickly and go with your gut.

10. When ordering coffee, it’s more fun if you mumble your name when they ask for it.

11.  Ask questions. Learn lots. Find every chance to ask questions about life outside your own.

12. When someone else finds success or “a win”, it does not mean you lose.

13. Don’t let nostalgic keep you from falling in love with the present.

14. When working towards a goal, train so hard that when it comes time to your performance, speech, interview, all you have to do is press “play.”

15. Surround yourself with people that make you a better you.

16. You will not make everyone happy, and that is okay. The idea that happiness comes when everyone around you is happy, not only cripples joy, it makes it impossible to be content.

17.  Only start watching netflix if it is before 10 pm…you will end up watching all 9 seasons of The Office five times over. I had to learn this one the hard way.

18. Make a list of things that make you happy. i.e. listening to music on rainy days, people reuniting at airports, anything related to Christmas, when that first sip of coffee in the morning touches your soul, seeing wildflowers on the side of the road.

19. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying in the first place. (@ Savvy I am talking to you.)

20. Wash your face every night. (@ Savvy I am talking to you again.)

21. Don’t be afraid to feel. Celebrate every small victory and allow yourself the grieve deeply when life hits.

22. No rain. No Flowers.

23. On that note, flowers are always a great idea.

24. Give yourself grace. You are perfectly imperfect, and you are always more than enough.

25. You are in no way suppose to be the same person were five years ago, five months ago, five minutes ago. Strive to keep growing, changing, learning. Learn to love how you have changed and how will you inevitably change in the future.

And I am still learning, everyday.

I must say thank you. I would not be the Savvy I am today if it was not for all of you. I am forever grateful, can’t wait to see what this year holds.

So much love,

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