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S.C. Lourie said, “And simply enjoy being alive. Because that’s always the magic.”

Hello, hello! And so the blog begins.

For my first post I feel it fitting to have an outline for what I hope to accomplish through my blog. But, it may take a life of its own and I’m okay with this as well. I want to start with a moment of reflection, as I’ve always felt it necessary to look at the past it in order to “gracefully” embrace the future.

My goal is that the stories and adventures I experience every day will inspire someone else, just as this year has inspired me. And hopefully achieve world peace as well. Just kidding.

I have been stretched this year more than I thought possible. Yes it has been the greatest year of my life, but I have also been challenged and pushed beyond what I thought possible. And oh my goodness I am so thankful. It’s tempting in life to be content with where you’re at, but it’s not until we dare greatly that we become the versions of ourselves we are designed to be. I have laughed, I have cried, I have questioned if I had the strength to do the task ahead, and I have felt like I could conquer the world, all in the same day. But, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that my insecurities are not my limitations, and we are all stronger than we think.

So let us dream big, dare greatly, and blog on.

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