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Goooooooodmorning Fam! A very quick and breakfasty blog for you all on this fine Saturday morning.

So get your collagen coffee, and lets start cooking:

  1. Spinach and Eggs – start this off by sautéing a handful of spinach in a pan with some olive oil. I like to wait until the spinach is fully cooked, then I will crack on egg on top. Finish it off with some garlic salt, parsley, and pepper! *Add some diced ham if you want!
  2. Protein Smoothie – you all know I LOVE a good protein smoothie. Check out this bog post for some of my favorite recipes:


  3. Oatmeal – A quick and wholesome breakfast if you are on the run and need some substance fast! Two of my favorite healthy oatmeals that are simple to make are Quaker Instant Oatmeal Lower Sugar , and even healthier Quaker Old Fashion Oats.
  4. Ezekiel Bread and Soft Boiled Egg – YALLLLLL. Ezekiel Bread (can be found at Trader Joes and most health food stores) is the best bread of all time, I have not bought another kind of bread since high school. I do not feel bloated afterwards and I 10/10 recommend! Take a piece of Ezekiel bread, cut it up into smaller pieces, soft boil an egg, throw them together in a bowl, shablampow, best breakfast ever.
  5. Coconut Oil on Ezekiel Toast – if you are looking for something really quick and on the go, toast a piece of Ezikel bread (my fav is the cinnamon raisin), and instead of butter use coconut oil (I have been using Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce (and only $10) for as long as I can remember).
  6.  JUICE – another all time fav  breakfast is juice. Juicing allows you to know all the ingredients you are putting into your body. It is liberating and one of the best ways to gather all the nutrients you need to start off your day! Here are two of my fav “Juice” blogs, which list some of my fav recipes and my favorite juicer that I use!

    Juice Cleanse



Happy Breakfasting!

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